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Yezdin Institute was founded in 2023 by Dr. Sidney Brewer and is designed to give those seeking knowledge, a place to explore unimpeded. His belief is that knowledge should be available to all. One of the biggest problems in the "Old Matrix System" is; The information that is presented to the general public is so watered down and twisted to fit a specific narrative, it's almost impossible to decipher what is right from wrong; fact from fiction. Through an almost stranger than fiction process he was granted access to knowledge that was up until now only available to the TOP 1% or (elites) as you call them. Being raised in the system through Gov sponsored Human Trafficking,  and sold around to so called "Foster Homes" and church funded indoctrinations, he knew and made it his mission to free the minds of those whom where still stuck in the "MATRIX". Making the "New to You" information as accessible and understandable as possible. As a result, Yezdin Institute has become known for connecting people to information, in an engaging and thought-provoking way. Dr. Sidney Brewer wants to provide all members with a responsible plan, tailored specifically for each individual. They know, through much research, that every person is (The same yet different) and has individual needs. Regular cookie-cutter therapy plans do not work for those who have found themselves involved in the "Awakening Experience". One thing we know for sure is that; no matter the background you come from or beliefs you may have had, there's a place for you at Yezdin! You just need to "ACCEPT" the fact that, "YOU" hold the "KEYS", we just show you which "LOCKS" they can open!!!


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