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How it works!

Over the last few years we have developed a team of like minded individuals. Together, we've formulated a plan for those who choose, to "Exit the 3D state of consciousness, to enter 5D and beyond". This was and still is, no easy task. We are literally fighting against EVERYTHING you've ever been taught. From religion to science; energy to matter; male to female; public to private; human to ET; 1% to 99%...etc. What most are likely unaware of, up until now; is that "everything and everyone" you've ever been in contact with, IS a training program. Some of these programs are designed to keep you enslaved by trading the most important commodity (YOU). Our program offers you an "Escape from the Matrix".

In order to get you out of the system; you are currently dependent on and off the hamsters wheel, we need to tell you exactly what you've been participating in.

99% of the general population has no idea that they are part of the biggest "SCAM", in Human history; or they do know, and choose to do it anyway (The Poison Apple Principle). The system you currently operate in, is a multi-fold and multidimensional construct, based around "Karma Debt" principles. Lucky for you there are rules to this "GAME", you just need to learn how to play it better, as a "creditor and not the debtor". This is where The Yezdin Institute" comes in.

We have been through this program and played the game at the hardest level. We went through the "School of hard knocks", so to speak. Our training started the moment we were born, so did the (Banking Scam) of Maritime Admiralty Law, Law of the sea.

Through our partners at "Matrix Freedom" we get your status corrected to Civil Law or Law of the Land. Through the correction of your status from (Debtor to Creditor) and establishing "Private Trusts" for the recoupment of debts paid, Mortgages, car loans, bank payments etc...That were issued to your cooperate fiction (Strawman). You now begin the process to Facilitated Financial Abundance. I am a strong believer in " Put you aces in their places". Ian Clifford and his team at "Matrix Freedom" are certified CQV trustees. They have literally designed an A to Z step by step plan to recover any debts owed to the "REAL LIVING YOU". This is how the 1% play the game, by correcting their status and operating privately. 

That is how you achieve financial abundance, NOT operating as a debtor. Right now, you most likely owe creditors; well, when you become the creditor, you owe yourself and owe it to yourself via (your private trust).

At The Yezdin Institute, We offer counselling to those who have made it through the system and have seen through the illusion of the 3D system. Remember you are in Karma system. Therefore once you have done the work and prepared yourselves for the next step, we help facilitate the correct order of how to do those steps; so as NOT to get caught up in the legal mess, that is Maritime Admiralty Law. You were born free from debt, until your Mother or guardian signed your stock/BOL with the Doc(k), I mean Birth Certificate.

Here is our plan and mission to get you clear and free, without any of the (GET RICH QUICK SCHEMES: CRYPTO, CBDC, XRP blah blah blah), you've probably heard of as of late.                  

Female Friends

Stage 1

Yezdin Institute Mindset, "Unity through Community".

   Dr .Sidney Brewer quickly realized that going through the Awakening Process is a very lonely place to be. He decided to use his education and lifetime of experience to help others during the "Dark nights of the soul and Ego death stages". It was very much innerstood from the beginning, that most of the clients would have been through the same processes as he had just completed. Knowing this, he was able to develop a system that offers "help" and access, for all walks of life; From the already "Consciously Awakened" to the regular Joe and Jane struggling to make ends meat. The Biggest problem with offering "counseling services" to the world is; only the wealthy and Gov sponsored/funded programs would get the clients because of the Therapist needing to be compensated for his/her time. This is where the idea came from to offer paid monthly subscriptions to all members, at a rate that is affordable to most, Uni-versal plan at $10 per month, and donations from those with more access to financial abundance. We are able to operate with NO massive up-front costs to the less fortunate, they just have to be a member. Once a person signs up to the Uni-versal Plan Membership program they have access to the community of like minded people whom have just came through the same system. Contrary to popular beliefs, you are not alone in this process. Millions of people are waking up everyday. All of those people have similar experiences and stories to share, as they do, here at the Yezdin Institute. Now that we have created and manifested a "new system" of helping others, we take it one step further. Waking up is just the start!      

Stage 2

Yezdin Institute Share Certificates

This influx of Monthly/Yearly Memberships triggered an idea to make all UPMs (UNI-VERSAL PLAN MEMBERS) owners in the Yezdin Institute. We decided to lead by example and show the mainstream organizations that even the little guy can get a piece of the pie! Being an Educational and Spiritual company with 5D consciousness at its core of operating, The institute wanted to express that it was never about the money for our founder. If that were the case it would be a poor business model ;) . Yezdin Institute is built on the guiding principles of "FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE". We would use the membership capital to fund projects inside the boundaries of helping all who need it. Either through guidance or offering a physical location where " NEW Quantum Tech", can be used to help those who wish. So the number of shares that were created for this is currently at 10 000 shares and only ONE can ever be issued to any one person. Even our founder Dr. Sidney Brewer only has one to his name; Making all equal under the Yezdin Institute. Hold on, we ain't done yet he decided to take it one step further again... Use the Membership and donation funds to help pay for the "Matrix Freedom" CQV trustees to help get all of Humanity out of the system, NOT just the wealthy. Dr. Brewer has committed his own (private trust) to helping those next in line as well. That brings us to stage three.    

Stage 3

Exiting the Matrix

How we get everyone out, no human left behind. Now you are starting to see how we operate. We can do this because certain people were selected to go through the program first, to make sure the proper foundation gets laid so that nobody can tear down what we are building. "Many will try, Unsuccessfully". We have the power of Mass Creation on our side. Once the first batch of members have been put through the "Matrix Freedom Facilitated Financial Abundance Program" and The backing of the Yezdin Institute 5D leadership, we can fund the Shares with an established surplus of capital to get all those who choose out of the system without concerns about raising finances to do so. Once a member receives their abundance and private trusts, they will have more than enough to pay it forward and help the next member in line get their, financial abundance established. It is all about helping everyone, no matter what background or beliefs they may have had coming into this program. Guess what we are not done welcome to Stage 4. 

Stage 4

Access to "New Networks" and already "Financially Abundant" people and companies through the New Market Place!

Up until now, You have probably spent your life on the outside looking in. Once you are Private, you'll have access to all new supply line via, the New marketplace, where you can get access to everything you've ever needed. Want a house, cars, clothing, private independent secured internet, Healthy food and water. Yes it's all there, it was just kept away until you learned to play the game. complete your lessons and cut old cords who no longer serve your highest timeline. Welcome to the "New Earth System". Where you must have elevated your vibrational energy to be able to operate. This is the 100% club, because after a few cycles of people getting to this point, the snowball will be unstoppable; We will have created and manifested "Your Highest Timelines". This is what all of the delays have been about. Making sure the right people lay the right foundations for those who follow through next. There's a place for all and a mission for everyone once you realize "WHAT" you actually are. We can only move as fast as, your doubts will allow us to. The future starts with "YOU", and you started with Love!!! 

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