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Hello and welcome

A message from our founder - Sidney Michael Brewer Ph.D.

Welcome to Yezdin! Over many years and training from multiple disciplines, I have curated the knowledge and wisdom to bring forth the TRUTH! It may not be anything you've ever thought possible, but rest assured "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE". I myself, am a prime example of just that. The flood gates of information and misinformation are now wide open.

  All sides of influence, (Pos/Neg Energy; Angels/Demons; Humans/ETs), are now conducting the biggest change-over of power, never before seen by humanity today. The roles (purpose and responsibility), are shifting form the old 3D matrix, to the new leadership of the 5D. Allow us the privilege to expose the, "REAL" truth about "WHO and WHAT" you are! After thousands of client meetings & investigations, we have made some astounding connections about how "EVERYTHING" works. I have decided to release this information to Yezdin Institute members through; de-programming of old indoctrinations and counselling sessions; online programs and education; introduction of proper methods of correcting your status from Debtor to Creditor (via MATRIX FREEDOM) partners; as well as identifying the needs of the person and establishing a personalized path to success. The only thing left for you to do is take the next step. You are not now, nor will you ever be alone in this journey of self-discovery. Connecting the dots was easy, the hard part is getting you to see the world for what it is! It's only a "Theory", if you have not yet proven it. Here, we believe in the free flow of truthful information not what you are convinced is real by mainstream media and the corporations that run the public side!  "The future starts with You".

Break free from your chains by following the mission plan

At the Yezdin Institute, Dr. Sidney Brewer is a professional Demonologist. The focus being, on the rehabilitation of the "human spirit" from the corruption and years of old indoctrinations. The method of teaching has developed out of necessity. As we enter into a "New Age" of human self-discovery; we find ourselves in need of guidance and leadership now more than ever. After many years of research and truth seeking, a great deal of new information has been made available to the public for the first time without restrictions. Most of which has been right in front of you the whole time. Some parts kept quiet for the sake of humanity; while others kept away for the purpose of greed, corruption and capitalization. Whatever the reason may be, you now have access to possibly, the greatest pool of knowledge ever released. While most of the world was fighting over land, oil, religion and personal beliefs; we were putting together a plan to free humanity from their enslavement!

"The Mission of The Yezdin Institute" is simple:


1) Offer assistance and guidance to those who seek the truth via our UPM membership program. This program allows the member to gain access to a full team of dedicated professionals to assist in the correction of ever aspect of their lives. MIND - BODY - SOUL and most importantly THEIR FREEDOM!

2) Provide a safe place for all those who are ready to exit the old systems via Private Land Acquisitions. These "Educational and Spiritual centers will be safe havens for those seeking to exit the controls of the governing corporations you call countries! There are only two operations currently available to humanity; PUBLIC and PRIVATE. When you learn the difference, you'll be able to correct the false systems that have been imposed upon you!


3) Governments ( aka corporations) will soon decided to start the 15min ( or smart city programs). You'll be glad we spent our time putting this plan together to offer you a "Safe, Free and Healthy" alternative option to their "concentration camp". Have you all forgotten the 40's and plan to round up those who were not considered human enough! Their plans have not changed, just evolved like everything else!


4) The illusion is you think you are free and that could not be further from the truth! You are not free until you are Private and operating outside of Maritime Admiralty Law ( Law of the Sea). Until that happens you are still considered property of the state/crown! We can fix this life long problem so you'll never have to worry about "The Goon Squads" (the crown or state collection agents) rounding you up!


5) Unity through community. We have started laying the foundation for multiple "Private" already established networks. Covering everything you can possibly imagine! Clean water and food for all; free electricity and private secured internet; A home for all (Land purchase and transfers back to THE PEOPLE), safe and outside the jurisdictions of any Government/Crown Corporations.


6) Provide real education on the history of the world not the story they push in Public school systems


7) Replace the old "1% and ruling elite" with the New Leadership of the free people of this realm. To guide those whom are just awaking up, NOT RULE them. You were born free until your birth certificate was signed, this started your decades of enslavement into the Corporations that decide your fate!


The question then becomes; What do you want because yes, it is YOUR choice?

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